About Us .

We are a passionate team of volunteer leaders, bringing AI expertise from a variety of industries


Aamer Charania

Head of Applied Machine Learning, Best Buy
Former President, MIT Alumni Club
President & Founder, Dallas AI

Babar Bhatti

AI Product Leader, IBM
Former Chair, MIT Enterprise Forum
Executive VP & Co-Founder, Dallas AI

Advisory Board

Abhi Ingle

Chief Business Officer

Dalia Powers

SVP and CIO - Digital, Data and Analytics

Dave Copps

CEO / Co-founder

Javed Roshan

Chief Data Officer

Mano Mannoochahr

Chief Data & Analytics Officer

Volunteer Committee

Brad Taylor

Consulting Executive, AUSUM Advisors
Dallas AI Advisor

Eyshika Agarwal

Senior Machine Learning Engineer, Worlds
Dallas AI Program Leader

Bonnie Daneker

Content Strategist, and President
The Author's Greenhouse
Dallas AI Communications Lead

Jeffrey Liu

Technology Leader
Amazon Web Services,
Dallas AI Lead

Muthiah Subash

Data Engineering Leader, Meta
Dallas AI Advisor

Huaxin Gong

Executive Director, JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Dallas AI Corporate Ambassador

Eli Laird

President AI Club at SMU
Dallas AI Student Ambassador

Kiran Kulkarni

Kiran Kulkarni, Capital One
Dallas AI Program Leader

Dallas AI – A nonprofit forum to accelerate learning & adoption of AI


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